Kristine & I both think Randy Wyrick with the Vail Daily did a good job writing a fun and complimentary article regarding our recent Vinson climb and the 7 Summits in general. I took a snapshot of the online edition and converted it to an image file, so I hope you enjoy.Vail Daily Vinson ArticleThe only correction I must make is Australia’s highest mountain is not Puncak Jaya but in fact Mt. Kosciuszko at 7,310′. Puncak Jaya or commonly referred to as Cartensz Pyramid at 16,024′ located on the island of Papua New Guinea is the highest mountain in all of Oceania, the region consisting of all the islands of Indonesia & New Zealand as well as the continent of Australia. Furthermore, Carstensz Pyramid is the highest mountain on the Australian continental plate, which consists of the continent of Australia and the islands of Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. Kosciuszko is the highest mountain on the continent of Australia. While its not a goal of ours to really travel & climb Carstensz Pyramid, if we do get the opportunity sometime in our lifetimes, we sure wouldn’t turn it down.