The Chalks just called from their tent back at High Camp at 6:00pm Vinson time / 2:00pm Mountain time.  They said the air temp on top was -29F, but with the windchill it was about -50F.  That certainly lives up to Vinson’s reputation as the coldest of the Seven Summits, which Brandon confirmed.  Otherwise the weather was good, the sky was clear, and aside from a few blisters and some bruising from their boots, the couple is doing great after a 9 hour summit day.  We have some pictures to look forward to, but we’ll have to wait a little while to see them.

Tomorrow they will make the descent to Base Camp where there will hopefully be a Christmas party where they can celebrate this amazing achievement.  They’ll then spend a day or two skiing around Base Camp before flying back to Union Glacier.  Their flight back to Chile is scheduled for the 29th.