Red & White Mountain Summit Camp

One of my favorite places on earth to camp is Red & White Mountain’s summit. Red & White Mountain (11,200′) is just north of Avon and is so very close to us, especially in the dry season when we can 4WD all the way from the top of Wildridge to within about 500′ of the summit. Its a mountain¬†of all seasons for us. Red & White provides for a nice snowshoe or ski tour in winter as well. A nice half day workout without much driving. Its always wonderful when you can leave your home at 7,200′ and 1.5 hrs later be at 11,200′ with phenomenal views of the Sawatch, Elks, and Gores. This is what Kristine, the dogs, & I did Saturday evening. Kristine & Kona¬†had never camped on Red & White’s summit so this was extra special for them. We had a great sunset, a wonderful campfire on a clear & cold night, and a gorgeous sunrise followed by an hour or two of hiking before heading down.

Rain clouds hiding the setting sun

The Northern Sawatch with Beaver Creek below

Dusk from Red & White Mountain’s summit (11,200′)

Alpenglow on the Chalks – all 4 of them

Our 3 year anniversary is coming up, so this was an appropriate camping excursion

Kona & our clown tent




Sunrise over the Gores

“Time to get up, Mom & Dad!”

Sunbeams down into the Vail Valley

A really spectacular morning from Red & White Mountain’s summit

Rainie doing her thing